High school students pitching in to make community cleaner

A group of Future Farmers of America at Hickman County High School is on the cutting edge of cleaning up its city.

Noah Ferguson and his fellow FFA members plan to build 20 wooden trash bins to cut down on littering. “It’s kind of a hindrance to see those items there and think we are only hurting the environment,” Ferguson said.

The 3-foot-high bins will be placed around the city of Clinton. City council members came up with the idea and had most of the materials donated. People are even paying to sponsor them. Mayor Phyllis Campbell said it will only work if people are dedicated, especially in a small town.

“They seem to get lost and people just don’t take a lot of pride in them anymore, and I would like to bring that back,” Campbell said.

Ferguson’s agriculture teacher is helping to spearhead the effort. Darian Irvan said this project could change the way people think about their deliberate dumping.

“Maybe, instead of throwing it on the ground, they will have to walk a few more feet and throw it in the trash can. That’s what our goal is,” Irvan said.  

“It gives you a sense of reward whenever you think ‘I had a part in helping the community. I had a part in helping make the community a better place,'” Ferguson said.

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