Students behind next Kentucky Lake tourism idea

Your child could have the next big idea behind Kentucky Lake. A year ago, Marshall County invested in $55,000-worth of research into the county. Now the tourism board is combining two of the county’s strengths: the lake and county schools.
The hope is the combination of the two will lead to the answer for the next needed tourism push.

Locals and tourists make up about 2 million people who visit Kentucky Lake every year, but from research the county has found one of the real disconnects was between the younger generation and the lake.

The Kentucky Lake Tourism Bureau believed the young minds at Marshall County High School were a strength more so than a weakness. The students in the leadership class were tasked with dreaming up anything that could help promote the lake and something the tourism commission could use in their business model.

Students were impressed that their ideas could be considered the “next big thing.” MCHS freshman Taylen Henry says she wants to appeal to everyone’s online and social media use. Henry says: Who better to relate to what a teenager wants than a teenager? 

“We probably know how to connect with teenagers and all the technology,” Henry says.

While Isaac Bayer, a MCHS sophomore, says his strategy is to show the beauty of the lake. He considers himself more of a technology guy, saying “I do the camera and the computer.”

It’s a real-world-solution project for the class, and one Kentucky Lake Marketing Director Elena Blevins says is mutually beneficial for both students and the tourism board. She says it’s the students’ creative genius, and hopes to bring their ideas to folks in the area. “We hope these projects will disperse themselves throughout the community,” Blevins says.

The students will present their projects to the tourism board on May 8. The board hopes to use the strongest ideas from each project.

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