GOP Governor candidates visit Paducah

A month from the primary for the Kentucky governor’s race, and three of the four GOP candidates stopped in Western Kentucky tonight.

Hal Heiner, Matt Bevin, and Will T. Scott as well as their running mates were all at the Reagan dinner hosted by the McCracken County Republican Party.

Agriculture Commissioner James Comer was the only Republican Gubernatorial Candidate not there. His running mate, Senator Chris McDaniel acted on his behalf.

But in order to win the election, the candidates say they can’t win without Western Kentucky because it’s part of what motivates them- their Kentucky home.

Candidate Will T. Scott says he relates to West Kentucky and knows one of his first orders of business if elected- Prairie state program. He says he speaks with local representatives frequently, and knows about the power problem, “we both know what its like to be ignored and Western Kentucky will never be ignored in fact, the first thing I’m going to do is come here and fix the problem in Paducah.”

While candidate Hal Heiner says it’s his marathon campaign that will put him ahead, and wants people to judge him on his campaign, not his ads, “We’re not going to react to all the candidates have different groups supporting them.”

As the most recent candidate to enter the race, Matt Bevin says it’s his mission to boost independent and big businesses to bring the state out of debt. He says, “more independence and less dependence on government and more dependence on the individual.”

Senator Christian McDaniel says Agriculture Commissioner James Comer had a previous engagement in East Kentucky. And as Comer’s running mate, McDaniel says don’t count his absence against him, “one thing you’ll find about the two of us and if we tell you we’re going to be somewhere we’re going to be there.”

Working towards a race to earn votes, old and young. 

Not only were the Republican Gubernatorial candidates at the dinner, but also the lower-ticket candidates for State Treasurer, Agriculture Commissioner, and Attorney General. They’re running on issues specific to their position, but they all told me they just support the party.

According to the McCracken County Democrats, Jack Conway, the Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate will be visiting Paducah next week.

Elections for the primary are a month away- May 19th.

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