Blue Bell products yanked from local shelves

At least three people are dead and more than 10 people sick in the country from a bacteria in Blue Bell products, causing the company to recall all their products including ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt.

Blue Bell Creamery says they still don’t know how the listeria contamination happened, but it’s led the company to recall all of their products. Listeria can be deadly for anyone infected, but according to the Centers for Disease Control the bacteria primarily affects those with weakened immune systems: older adults, pregnant women, and newborns. Symptoms can include confusion, loss of balance, and convulsions.

It’s a massive recall that shoppers say they’ll be wary of for a while. Shoppers like Judy Snyder, who says she always expected one of her favorite ice cream brands to stay on the shelf.  

“I thought, is that what I usually buy, the Blue Bell?” Snyder says. But she says now, considering such a large recall, it’ll likely be a long time until she returns to the brand that’s been yanked from all grocery stores.

Banks market Assistant Manager Tyler Leeds says they were sure to pull all the product off the shelves. He says they’re always notified immediately of any issues with their groceries and are able to take care of the inventory. But he says any recall of this scale negatively affects their business, 

“Obviously if it’s not there, we can’t sell it,” Leeds says.

Leeds says it affects them, not only because of lacking merchandise, but also because shoppers will associate this recall and the brand for years in the future. He says the bottom line is to try and keep any danger in the store from going home with you, saying “We don’t want to have something contaminated in the house.”

Leeds says if you do still have a container in your freezer, you’re welcome to bring it back to the store for a refund or just throw it out. He says they still have all the Blue Bell products in their store so the company can come collect it.

The CDC says Listeria is similar to Salmonella, so that’s why they recommend you wash and dry produce, and store and cook meat properly.

The CDC says six of those listeria cases from Blue Bell Creamery date back to 2010.

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