Murray apartment fire caused by gas grill, one person reported injured

UPDATE: The person injured in a Murray Apartment fire was not a resident, but a visitor and according to the owner of the building is expected to be okay. 

Don Riley not only owns the apartment building on Duiguid Drive, he designed it and watched it get built. He said learning of the fire was terrifying and seeing it in person last night was even worse.

“It looked like it had never looked before,” he said.   

Riley told Local 6 there’s no way to build a completely fire-proof apartment building, but he used materials designed to slow fires down and give people more time to get out.

“This is one time I was very thankful that I had been able to do my job well because I think it saved lives,” he said.

Tuesday, the 6 tenants living in the four-plex were allowed back in to save any of their belongings they could. The Red Cross is assisting them and all have found places to stay. Riley says it’s too soon to know whether he’ll be able to repair the current building or if he’ll have to rebuild. 


At least one person has been reported injured from an overnight fire in Murray.

Fire crews were called to the Duiguid apartments at 1401 Duiguid Drive around 9:16 p.m.

Murray Fire Chief Eric Pologruto says when crews arrived there was heavy fire from two of the four apartment units.

One person was taken to the hospital and later transferred to Vanderbilt. Their condition is unknown at this time.

Pologruto says the fire originated from a gas grill one of the residents was using on their balcony.

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