New downtown attractions prepare for their first Quilt Week

People from all 50 states and 15 countries are coming to this year’s AQS Quilt Week. Tourists are already making their way to town, creating an experience that, for some area attractions, is a first.

Downtown business owners are all talking to each other and trying to figure out the best ways to prepare. Some of them have seen their fair share of quilt show crowds, but for others it’s their very first time.

“We know they’re gonna’ be walking this way, and hopefully we’ll be a stop on their way downtown,” Paducah Beer Werks owner Todd Blume said. His team has done everything they can think of to prepare for the crowds. “I’ve only been told what to expect…and then double it. It’s almost mass chaos,” Blume said.

Downtown businesses new to the game are hoping to catch quilters’ eyes with inviting storefront decorations, specials, and outdoor seating. “All of our servers keep warning us that Quilt Week is crazy,” The Italian Grill’s Lauren DeBoe said. They’ve been open about a month. DeBoe said they’re going off of what they know. 

“We’ve had a few shows at the Carson Center. That’s really shown us what it’s like to get a lot of people in at one point and then have them all leave at the same point,” Deboe said. “So, at this point, I really think we’ve really done all that we can do to prepare for the quilters.”

The Italian Grill is also passing out coupons with quilters in mind. Both restaurants have also bumped up their staffing to get ready for the rush.

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