Mother and daughter “bird hunting” at this year’s QuiltWeek

Day one of AQS QuiltWeek is in the books. As always, the quilts and the people are taking center stage.

Looking back, though, this year’s turned out a bit different than expected. We thought we’d said goodbye to what’s dubbed the “Bubble” for good. Instead, the Pavilion is back up this year and full of vendors and quilters. Also, that new hotel is on hold and the showroom is still boarded up, sitting empty.

Despite the setbacks, QuiltWeek organizers say so far, this year appears to be bigger and better than ever. 

As always, people stories abound. We found a mother and daughter duo all the way from Nebraska and Kansas who had quilts and birds on the brain.

This is a very special quilt show for Brenda Glunz and Estella Headings.

“My mom and I are together and we haven’t gone on lots of trips,” Glunz told Local 6.

It’s morphed into something you wouldn’t expect, but that Brenda did.

“She always is on a bird hunt,” Glunz explained.

“I’m a bird watcher. That’s what they call us,” 80-year-old explained. “We go out and see how many different birds we can see.”

If Headings had her way, every quilt would have a bird theme. Eventually, despite the flocks of people, mom and daughter found what they were searching for.

“Oh, there’s some! See over there?” Headings said with excitement. 

The birds on the quilt Headings and Glunz were eyeing don’t look like any birds Headings knows. She asked the quilt’s maker what they are.

“Fantasy birds,” the quilter told her with a laugh.

Then, she spotted hummingbirds on another quilt.

“Surprised to see birds on one, but that looks nice,” Headings said.

Sparrows, robins, bluebirds and even parrots are making an appearance at this year’s QuiltWeek too. 

“It is very special with my mom. She’s had some health problems lately, and so we are extremely fortunate that we can make this trip together,” Glunz said. “We’ve worked hard to get this to happen.”

In the end, their quilt safari was a success.

“Hunt is complete. Hummingbirds, fantasy birds and now parrots,” Glunz said with a laugh. “We should be good to go.”

The two plan to be here for the rest of the AQS QuiltWeek.

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