New movie production company in Murray

It’s not just for Hollywood. A new industry plans to make west Kentucky its film set.

Nashville-based Chance Film Productions will film its new movie, “Candles,” in Murray and Calloway County.

When Kentucky recently expanded its film-based incentives to 30 percent, the company says that was even more reason to make Kentucky its new home.

Not only the incentives, but also the Kentucky backdrops added to the appeal. The company says the only thing missing is an ocean, but it’s a promising beginning for both the film and the region.

Rick Bucy says the storyline will unnerve any parent: Oklahoma Girl Scouts sent to camp and murdered. Their murders are still an unsolved mystery, and — as production manager, cast member, and technical advisor — Bucy says he’s happy to use his hometown scenery.

He says it’s not only a story that needs to be told, but a story that will bring something great to his area, saying “I want to see Murray have more jobs. People are struggling here; they need some help, if they can pick up a day here or there.”

Bucy says the 160 jobs and the commerce involved in creating a movie will generate a boost to surrounding businesses.

“The tax monies that’s spent here is going to be recycled many times here in the community,” Bucy says.

And that’s exactly what The Cake Lady owner Marla Thomason hopes will happen. She remembers the last time a small film crew set up in town.

“It’s really nice to bring that revenue downtown, help all downtown a lot,” Thomason says. “It means a lot to us. We all appreciate your business.”

Calloway County Judge Executive Larry Elkins says he wants to do all he can to help move the new project along, saying “We’re proud they chose our community for the project.”

Chance Film Productions is working with a $2.8 million budget. In the next two months it will be working to get shooting locations and the cast together. And, if you’d like to be an extra, auditions are June 28. Just bring your headshot and be ready to answer some questions.

One of the incentive requirements is to use Kentucky workers, businesses, and materials. Bucy said they’re also looking to work with Murray State Film students as production assistants.

The movie brought on some recognizable names. Kathryn Eastwood, Clint Eastwood’s daughter, is cast as one of the leads. She’s still in Los Angeles, but says she’s excited for what Kentuckians are known for —good food and nice people. About the movie, she says it’s a piece of art to honor young women who have lost their lives, “because I grew up in fear of being abducted, and its something we should attribute to more for young women and young mothers.”

John Schneider from “The Dukes of Hazzard” is also slated to be in the movie.

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