Donations needed for animals taken from Reidland home

As a Kentucky State Wildlife Rehabilitator, Donna Floden takes in animals and tries to nurse them back to health. Her latest case involves caring for and treating more than 120 rabbits, including 80 taken from a Reidland home last month and their offspring. 

“It’s worse than heartbreaking. Cried many a night,” Floden said of caring for more than 120 rabbits

She started with 80 rabbits. Nine adults died and she estimates close to 60 kits have as well. “They’ve been deformed. They’ve been born dead – quarter of their size they should be,” Floden said.

Floden believes the deaths were a result of the lack of quality living space Deborah Lukens’ home. Last month, on an anonymous tip, animal control officers removed the rabbits and other animals. Chryss George is the lead officer in the case and told Local 6 the biggest challenge now is getting donations. Floden needs alfalfa hay for the rabbits and new cages for the chinchillas, as well as other items for the seized dogs and ducks.

“Bedding, toys, food. Please help us out. We could really appreciate it because we were not prepared for 196 animals to come into our care,” George said.

Floden goes through 50 to 75 pounds of rabbit food and 20 gallons of water a day. She said trying to sustain that effort is nearly impossible.  “Their nest boxes have to be changed everyday and we are needing it bad.”

Luken appeared in court Thursday on the 196 counts of cruelty to animals. She pleaded not guilty. Her next court appearance is scheduled for May 7.

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