Explosion at distillery

A deputy with the Kentucky State Fire Marshal said a catastrophic equipment failure caused the Silver Trail Distillery explosion Friday in Marshall County. How that failure happened is still under investigation. Fire crews were at the site Saturday morning checking for any hot spots and have now blocked off the area. 

President of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association  Eric Gregory said 26-year-old Kyle Rogers and 40-year-old  Jay Rogers suffered major burns and are in critical, but stable condition at Vanderbilt Medical Center.

He said distillers across the area are doing what they can to help.

“It’s an industry of over 200 years, that’s really been built on camaraderie and friendship. Its times of crisis in the industry where everyone pulls together and helps each other out,” Gregory said.

Gregory said Silver Trail Master Distiller Spencer Balentine is still shaken up, but he’s focusing on the Roger’s recovery.

“We asked Spencer you know how can we be of assistance, do you need help with production, and he literally said take care of my guys,” Gregory said.

Gregory is working with local CFSB bank locations to accept donations for medical expenses. Donations are accepted at any location.

Other distillers are doing their part to help.
Glenns Creek distillery is hosting a fundraising event May 8th in Bardstown, Kentucky.
Tuesday, Taco John’s in Murray will donate 20% of their sales to also help with medical expenses for the family.

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