Over budget bids cause halt in road expansion project

There isn’t much green space left on Robbie Wallace’s property.  “I don’t even like to look out my front window at my yard,” she told Local 6.

The city of Paducah is expanding Olivet Church Road, which means less of a front lawn.

“It’s just sort of sad to look out,” Wallace said of the piles of dirt she sees every day.

The two bids for the $6.2 million project came back over budget.  The lowest bid received was $7.4 million. 

Paducah City Engineer Rick Murphy put the construction on hold.  “The fact that we are in excess of our available resources is disappointing,” he said.

The next step is for him, City Manager Jeff Pederson and city commissioners is to review the bid details to determine what, if any, financial modifications need to be made.

“Make sure that the bid that they submitted is mathematically correct and then, once we’ve determined that, then we cam move from there,” Murphy said.

Talk of the project began 11 years ago. Wallace remembers those discussions and is hoping the dirt piles don’t obstruct her view much longer. 

“That’s long enough.  Something needs to be done,” Wallace said. 

To view details of the Olivet Church Road expansion, click here.

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