Passionate support for a hobby

Among the sea of quilters you’ll find countless people with a passion for their craft. Most are women, and often, someone they feel passionately about is by their their side.

David and Sue Moore of St. Louis. Husband and wife for more than 20 years. QuiltWeek regulars for about 10.

“My job it to chauffeur her here. And to carry everything and to say ‘Yes honey, I think you should buy two or three of those,'” said David.

A bit of humor Sue knows is just a put-on.

“Apart from the fact that he’s always been a wonderful husband and a friend, this is his birthday. He’s taking time out from his life to help me,” said Sue.

He supports her quilting. She supports his hunting. Their marriage is a team sport.

David spots the nature quilts and while he knows Sue is dropping money on fabric and thread his payoff is down the line.

“I used to tell him that quilting and sewing was cheaper than a psychiatrist,” said Sue.

A prime example of a couple working hand-in-hand.

“It’s important not to intrude on what your wife’s doing but just be supportive of what she’s doing,” said David.

Appreciating each other’s passions along the way.

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