Thousands feared dead in Nepal earthquake

The death toll continues to climb following a powerful earthquake in Nepal. Police say at least 1,130 people are confirmed dead in Nepal, where the estimated magnitude-7.8 quake struck a heavily populated area including the capital, Kathmandu. At least 50 more deaths have also been reported in four neighboring countries, including India, where at least 34 were killed.

World leaders and global charities are offering condolences and emergency aid to Nepal following an earthquake that has killed at least 1,130 people in that country. Some charities are assembling disaster teams, based on the assumption that sanitation, shelter and medical help are urgently required. The most convenient pathway into Nepal isn’t available because the quake has shut down the airport in Kathmandu. Many roads are also closed and Internet and cellphone communications are spotty.
A mountaineering official in Nepal says the bodies of 10 people have been recovered after an avalanche swept across Mount Everest after an earthquake. Other climbers and guides are injured or missing. The avalanche struck between a notoriously treacherous area of collapsed ice and snow and the base camp where most climbing expeditions prepare to make their summit attempts,

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