WPSD takes home 13 1st place awards during AP awards ceremony

WPSD Local 6 took home 13 first place awards during the Kentucky Associated Press Broadcasters awards which were announced Saturday in Lexington.

A full list of winners, including in radio and television are listed below:
Best Continuing Coverage:  WHAS-AM, Staff
Best Long Enterprise Reporting:  WFPL, James McNair
Best Long Light News Feature:  WKYU-FM, Joe Corcoran
Best Long Newscast:  WKYU-FM, Staff
Best Long Public Affairs:  WFPL, Rick Howlett
Best Long Serious News Feature:  WNIN-FM, Cass Herrington
Best Long Sports Feature:  WFPL, Jacob Ryan
Best, Political Coverage:  WKMS-FM, Chad Lampe, John Null and Whitney Jones
Best Radio Anchor:  WHAS-AM, Suzanne Duvall
Best Radio Reporter:  WNIN-FM, Cass Herrington
Best Short Enterprise Reporting:  WKYX, Tim Brockwell
Best Short Light News Feature:  WKYX, Tim Brockwell
Best Short Newscast:  WHAS-AM, Staff
Best Short Public Affairs:  WKYX, Bill Hughes
Best Short Serious News Feature:  WKYU-FM, Lisa Autry
Best Special – Series/Documentary:  WKMS-FM, Chad Lampe
Best Sports Reporting:  WNIN-FM, Staff
Best Spot News:  WHAS-AM, Staff
Best Use of Sound:  WFPL, Devin Katayama
Best Website Radio:  WHAS-AM, Staff
Best Continuing Coverage:  WBKO-TV, Staff
Best Digital Journalist:  WYMT-TV, Brandon Orr
Best Enterprise or Investigative Reporting:  WPSD-TV, Chad Darnall and Robert Bradfield
Best Feature Videography:  WPSD-TV, Chad Darnall
Best Hard News Feature:  WPSD-TV, Mike Spissinger and Julie Collins
Best Light News Feature:  WBKO-TV, Gene Birk
Best Multimedia Reporter:  WBKO-TV,  Jake Boswell
Best News Videography:  WPSD-TV, Photography Staff
Best Newscast:  WBKO-TV, Staff
Best Political Coverage:  WBKO-TV, Michael Gossum
Best Public Affairs:  WPSD-TV, Todd Faulkner, Mike Spissinger and Justin Jones
Best Special – Series/Documentary:  WPSD-TV, Jennifer Horbelt and Mike Spissinger
Best Sports Feature:  WYMT-TV, Josh McKinney
Best Sports Play-By-Play:  WYMT-TV, Tanner Hesterberg
Best Sports Prep Show:  WPSD-TV, Staff
Best Sports Special:  WPSD-TV, Jeff Bidwell, Andy Waterman and Adam Wells
Best Sports Videography:  WYMT-TV, Jamie McCracken
Best Spots News:  WPSD-TV, Chad Darnall and Julie Collins
Best TV Editor:  WPSD-TV, Chad Darnall
Best TV News Anchor:  WBKO-TV, Andrea Walker
Best TV News Videographer:  WPSD-TV, Chad Darnall
Best TV Reporter:  WPSD-TV, Robert Bradfield
Best TV Sportscaster:  WPSD-TV, Adam Wells
Best TV Weather Anchor:  WYMT-TV, Brandon Orr
Best Website:  WYMT-TV, Staff
Best Continuing Coverage:  WLEX-TV, Leigh Searcy
Best Digital Journalist:  WDRB-TV, Chris Otts
Best Enterprise or Investigative Reporting:  WAVE-TV, John Boel and Jeff Knight
Best Feature Videography:  WKYT-TV, Barton Bill
Best Hard News Feature:  WDRB-TV,  Rachel Collier and Dominik Fuhrmann
Best Light News Feature:  WLKY-TV, Lexy Scheen and Scott Eckhardt
Best Multimedia Reporter:  WLEX-TV, Megan Moore
Best News Videography:  WKYT-TV, Brandon Whitworth
Best Newscast:  WAVE-TV, Jennifer Nickels, Zak Owens and Aaron Ellis
Best Political Coverage:  WDRB-TV, Staff
Best Public Affairs:  WLEX-TV, Katherine Shepherd, Dave Medley and Kristen Pflum
Best Special – Series/Documentary:  WLKY-TV, Lauren Adams and Mike Barnett
Best Sports Feature:  WKYT-TV, John Wilson and Sean Moody
Best Sports Play-By-Play:  WAVE-TV, Kent Taylor
Best Sports Prep Show:  WLEX-TV, Alan Cutler, Keith Farmer and Kyle Scott
Best Sports Special:  WLEX-TV, Jennifer Smith and Katherine Shepherd
Best Sports Videography:  WLEX-TV, Kyle Scott
Best Spots News:  WLKY-TV, News Team
Best TV Editor:  WLEX-TV, Dave Medley
Best TV News Anchor:  WAVE-TV, Lauren Jones
Best TV News Videographer:  WLKY-TV, Scott Eckhardt
Best TV Reporter:  WKYT-TV, Sean Moody
Best TV Sportscaster:  WAVE-TV, Kent Taylor
Best TV Weather Anchor:  WDRB-TV, Jude Redfield
Best Website:  WLEX-TV, Melissa Ratliff, Mike Maharrey and Jenifer Abreu
Best College Newscast:  Morehead State University, Tanner Boyd
Best College Radio Reporter:  Western Kentucky University, Haddy Badjie
Best Feature Story:  Western Kentucky University, Haddy Badjie
Best News Story:  University of Kentucky, Andrea Richard and Jacqueline Nie
Best Public Affairs:  Western Kentucky University, Staff
Best Sports Coverage:  Morehead State University, Chase Scott
Best College Newscast:  Western Kentucky University, Abby Blanford
Best College Television Reporter:  Western Kentucky University, Josh Holland
Best College Videographer:  Western Kentucky University, Dan Blommel
Best Feature Story:  University of Kentucky, Sabirah Rayford
Best News Story:  Western Kentucky University, Sarah Hager and Dan Blommel
Best Public Affairs:  Western Kentucky University, Cory McCauley
Best Sports Coverage:  Western Kentucky University, Dan Blommel
For a complete list of winners, starting Monday, April 27, visit http://www.ap.org/states/kentucky/

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