Caught on camera: Police seek man seen taking woman’s cat

A Benton, Kentucky, home surveillance video shows what the homeowner calls a blatant disregard to other people’s belongings.

The woman, who wants us to call her Anne and conceal her identity, said a man seen stopping and getting out of his car intentionally took her cat.

“Things belong to other people. You don’t go in their yards and take anything. If the cat was in the yard, they should have left it alone,” Anne said.

Earlier in the video, Anne’s cat can be seen walking in the street. The 17 year-old Himalayan eventually made it back to the property, which is when the man grabbed the cat and was confronted by a passerby. Anne said he ignored the woman and drove off.

“He may have just wanted a cat and thought she was pretty and took her. I don’t know. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes from it,” Anne said.

The video is from April 17. Benton Police Officer William Treadway said in the 10 days since there’s been no reports of a cat matching its description taken to an animal shelter. “Since the incident has been reported we’ve had no information come in on the whereabouts of the cat or who the individual is that stopped on the street and took it,” Treadway told Local 6.

Treadway said trespassing and theft charges are possible because the man walked onto the woman’s property. He said it’s unclear if the man meant any harm, which is why Treadway wants to talk to him. Anne hopes anyone who passed the man on the street comes forward.

“Get the license number and just anonymously call it to the police. A license plate number would be good,” Anne said.

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