Fire drill serves as lesson for residents, fire fighters

When apartment 1109 the the Jackson House started filling with smoke, no one panicked. When the fire alarms started to ring, residents like Mary Lott calmly went door to door to help others out. It was just a drill, but a big lesson for residents and fire fighters, 

Jackson House is the tallest building in Paducah, and living on nearly every one of the 20 floors is a resident who uses a wheelchair or walker. That’s the main reason the apartment’s safety committee organized the full-blown fire drill with Paducah Fire Department. They wanted to see how well everyone could get out, and how quickly fire fighters could get in to help those who need it. 

Lott is a floor monitor, which means she’s one of the more able-bodies folks and is able to help others find their way to the stairwells and down the steps if need-be. 

“If it had been an actual fire, it would have been really scary,” Lott said. She was glad to have an opportunity to walk through the drill without flames, but she still took it very seriously because she knows how deadly fires can be. She lost five family members in a fire. 

“That’s the reason I’m concerned about fires and the building,” Lott said.

Eugenia Hancock was also glad to hear the alarms ring for just a drill. 

“I can’t walk it, but I think we should all practice so we know what to do,” Hancock said. “I’m learning everything because I didn’t know how to do it.” 

Debra Amos, secretary of Jackson House, told Local 6 she was pleased with how everything went. 

“I think everything ran real smooth. Everybody did a great job,” Amos said. 

The safety committee hopes to have a drill every year. 

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