More discussions over land management at LBL

When the Tennessee Valley Authority took thousands of acres of land in Land Between The Lakes and removed his family from it in the ’60s, Donnie Holland became involved in a fight that continues to this day.

“Those are things you never forget, and the crying of my parents and an atrocity that was committed 50 years ago,” Holland said.

His focus now is on how to preserve thousands of acres of forest he said are being targeted for demolition through burning and logging. Holland said the current plans are over-reaching. He’s working with 14 different groups to keep the U.S. Forest Service from clear-cutting more of the area, and support is growing, he said, “in county governments and congressmen, others that want to see a different approach to LBL.”

Tina Tilley is the area supervisor for LBL. She said community discussions, which include the biggest local stake holders, are a good first step in trying to understand her goals and those who are against them. “That’s critical for all of us to enjoy, whether you want to come and recreate, sightsee, bird watch, hunt,” Tilley said. “I think that’s where our goal needs to be.”

Tilley said her goal is to maintain a healthy park. She welcomes input from those who don’t see it that way. 

“I would like to have a future conversation and have a better understanding of why do they not think that way,” Tilley said.

A date for future public forums has not been set.

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