Jack Conway sits down with Local 6 as Kentucky governor’s race ramps up

With less than three weeks to Kentucky’s primary election, democratic gubernatorial candidate Jack Conway is talking about several issues.

He sat down with me Wednesday afternoon. We talked about the practice in recent elections of the opposition connecting candidates to President Barack Obama. Does he think it will happen in this race, and is he concerned it will hurt his chances of winning? He says he’s a democrat who voted for Obama, but he believes his track record shows he stands for what’s best for Kentucky.

“I’ll be a centrist governor. I’m someone that’s going to put people over political concerns,” Conway told me. “I will reach out to the other side of the aisle. I’m not going to forget any region of the state. I certainly won’t forget western Kentucky.”

As for his number one priority if elected governor, he says it’s jobs: creating more and making sure Kentucky’s workforce has the skills to get and keep well-paying jobs. How does he plan to do that?

“First of all, I’m going to take a top to bottom look at every incentive we have in the economic development cabinet to make certain that we have all the tools in the toolbox we need to try to get jobs here,” Conway said. “In the governor’s office, I’m going to create an office of small business advocacy at the cabinet level.”

To hear more of Conway’s thoughts on job creation, the same-sex marriage debate, Mid-Continent University and more, watch my full interview with him in the video above.

Conway faces fellow democrat Geoff Young in the May 19 primary. Four people are running on the Republican side: Matt Bevin, James Comer, Hal Heiner, and Will T. Scott. 

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