Carbondale man sentenced regarding Wal-Mart theft

A Carbondale man was sentenced to three years in jail and one year of mandatory supervised release for retail theft of over $200-worth of items from a Wal-Mart, the Carbondale Police Department announced Thursday.

Jarvus M. Martin was sentenced Wednesday. He was charged with retail theft on Jan. 7, and pleaded guilty on March 17.

The police department said that in January Martin was identified from a store surveillance video entering the Wal-Mart and leaving with a cart full of merchandise. An assistant manager tried to stop him in the parking lot but was unsuccessful. The items are valued at $289.13. Later, officers found Martin hiding in a dumpster behind the University Place Shopping Mall. The shopping cart and stolen items were next to the dumpster.

Police said this was Martin’s third theft-related conviction and his second for retail theft. After he was sentenced, he was remanded to the custody of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

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