Spring road projects could be delayed after financial winter weather pinch

Drive through Princeton, and your ride may feel a little bumpy.

“Absolutely an overflow of them,” Judith Anglin said of the number of potholes she’s seen.  “This has really been a bad winter.”

The city spent close to $60,000 trying to clear 60 miles of streets. Public Works Director David Sullenger said the back-to-back snow storms were a shot in the gut to his budget. “You only have so much time and so many guys to go around,” Sullenger said.

A permanent fix might be a month away. The city spent triple the amount on cold patching and salt this year to temporarily fix the flaws. That caused some realigning of priorities.

“Soon as it slows down, we get the chance, and the weather gets warmer to where we have the blacktop without it cooling and us losing a lot of the blacktop, then we’ll start,” he told Local 6.

Sullenger said getting around to plugging all of the potholes is challenging, and Anglin finds it difficult to avoid them.

“You can’t miss every one, especially when there’s a lot of traffic. You don’t see them until it’s too late,” she said.

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