City urging public to help reduce feral, stray cat population

The Mayfield Graves County Animal Shelter is overrun with strays. One cat just had four kittens, and Director Donna Rohrer said the situation is all too common.

“I’ve taken as many as 30 cats and kittens in a day,” she said.

Many of the cats at the shelter used to live on the streets and hadn’t be spayed or neutered until the city began a trap, neuter and release program last year.  Rohrer said it has cut down on the number of strays, but it hasn’t reduced the population entirely.

“Still way too many stray and feral cats in Mayfield,” Rohrer said.

The city received a $16,000 grant for the TNR program, but the money has all been spent. Mayor Teresa Rosetti-Cantrell said she would like to participate again but right now, it’s up to the homeowners to take the initiative.

“We can provide you with the traps and it is a very humane way to solve the problems I think,” Cantrell said.

To help reduce the cat and kitten population, Rohrer said she’s had to euthanize several, either because of a lack of space or illness.  Right now she’s over capacity and had to euthanize eight cats Friday.

“When I have more cats than what I have room for, then that’s when the hard decisions come,” Rohrer said.

Homeowners who drop off the cats do not have to pay for the spay or neuter procedure. That is covered by the shelter.

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