Repoed cars ready in joint sheriff’s office auction

All these cars will soon be up for sale. The Graves and McCracken County sheriff’s offices partner on a semi-annual auction. 

They made about $30,000 each from selling the seized cars, trucks, ATVs and trailers last go around, and they hold the auction according to state law. 

Over the past couple of years, the McCracken County/Graves County Sheriffs Office Auction has grown in popularity in a big way. It’s a motley crew of cars that is hard to ignore, but every piece that’s up for auction has a history.

“Every vehicle here has a story to tell on why we have it,” Sheriff Dewayne Redmon says. And Redmon and McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden both attribute the growing success of the joint auction to those stories.

But the cars serve as more than conversation pieces. The money goes to help the sheriffs’ offices so they can afford to better serve and protect. If a car was seized related to drug charges, the money will go toward the offices’ drug enforcement funds. Redmon says the money helps buy equipment, vehicles, and other surveillance equipment their normal budget wouldn’t be able to support.

And the money from the auction translates to taxpayers saving money, and the sheriffs say it’s a public service all the way around. The day of the auction, they expect to see some familiar faces. 

“We have in the past had auctions (where) people come to the auction and buy them back,” Redmon says. 

The car expected to bring in the most money is a 2008 convertible Corvette. The auction will be at 3 p.m. on Friday, May 8, at the Harris Auction Facility at 3855 State Route 45 North in Graves County. Everything sold at the auction will be sold as is. You can look at a list of vehicles up for sale by clicking here.

The Ford Expedition of Keith Griffith, the man accused of killing his wife and setting their Reidland house on fire, was seized, but is not a part of the auction. 

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