Local church launches Love Paducah ministry

Members of a local church are on a crusade to change their community by launching Love Paducah. Relevant Church Pastor Joel Cauley said, “Overall, the ultimate goal is just to love this city, and that’s why we called it Love Paducah.”

Adults struggling with substance abuse issues, victims of domestic violence, and adults with a serious mental illness make up the majority of mccracken county’s homeless population. This is the group a local church is setting out to serve. The Love Paducah ministry is in its third week, and the church is trying to capitalize on what makes them uncommon.

Relevant Church took over the old Energy Fitness-Midtown building about two years ago. Since then, leaders have been working on a way to turn the unique space into an opportunity to serve. “We had this building, and we just wanted to utilize the space to its full capacity,” said Pastor Cauley.

There are plenty of things that make the church building like any other, but behind closed doors at Relevant Church, there are washing machines, showers, and even a hair styling station. Pastor Cauley said, “Our people who cut hair, our people who offer resume services and some of those things… They came to us and said, ‘Hey, we already do this for a living, so why don’t we give back?'”

Monday night, the lobby was full of volunteers buzzing with nervous energy and anticipation, but Pastor Cauley said they’ve only had one person show up for services so far. “The homeless can’t help themselves, and those that are less fortunate may seem abandoned or cast out. So, we just pray God send us the people nobody else wants.”

“I think it’s an amazing thing we can do for the community,” said Ashley Harris. She volunteered her time as a professional hair stylist. “To be able to use my skill to help others is something I always wanted to do,” Harris said.

Volunteers also put together care packages with products and bibles in hopes to change the city from the inside out. Pastor Cauley said, “I believe we’re as prepared and ready as we can be at this time.” Since Love Paducah is a relatively new ministry, they’ve partnered with other established organizations. Lourdes Hospital donated scrubs for people to use while their clothes are being washed, and there are linens in the bathrooms as gifts from Community Kitchen.

There are about 150 homeless adults in McCracken county according to The Kentucky Housing Corporation. Anyone who wants to work with the Love Paducah ministry on Monday evenings should contact Relevant Church.

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