I Am Local 6: Rick Flowers, Turtle Caretaker

Rick Flowers took the job as maintenance supervisor at a Mayfield assisted living center five years ago. The normal duties consist of maintaining the building and preparing room for new residents. He didn’t expect an addition to his job description, but he is happy to have it.  

Flowers makes his rounds visiting the people who live at Morningside Assisted Living Center in Mayfield. Every day he checks in on the courtyard for what hides under the bushes.

“I’m an animal lover, or reptile lover now, I guess,” Flowers said.

He looks after the turtles. 

“We had 23 last year. So far, this spring, I’ve only got about 20. I’m looking for 21, 22 and 23,” Flowers said.

The reptile inventory is updated by painting numbers on the turtles’ shells with red fingernail polish. He numbers the reptiles as soon as he finds them every year.

“There are leaves from last fall still here. They burrow underneath them and hide well,” Flowers said.

Not only does Flowers maintain Morningside, but his own little Jurassic Park.

The residents of Morningside come out to the courtyard every morning to see if they can spot all 20 turtles. If the population grows to more than 23 turtles, Flowers releases the older ones back into the wild.

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