What the tech? ISIS hacking

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, a charity, isn’t supporting ISIS, but you wouldn’t know that based on this image of its homepage.

It has the attention of the FBI, investigating thousands of websites that have been hijacked in recent months. The West Hollywood Furniture Store, Yellowknife Multisport Club, a college student union website, the Autism Foundation of Tennessee, all with the same message hacked by Team System DZ and I Love You ISIS. 

There’s more, saying they’ll restore dignity for Muslims and purge the land of the muslims from the hypocrites and infidels.

“A lot of these targets right now are small businesses that are using free software to maintain their website,” Special Agent Scott Augenbaum said.

Augenbaum told me that makes it easy for hackers, but is this really ISIS? Is it a group supporting the terrorists? Is it both?

“This is an active investigation that the FBI is looking into,” Augenbaum said.

Augenbaum told me we should take no chances, saying “We have seen cases where the bad guys have installed malicious code on a website. So I would stay really with the major websites that are out there.”

That’s bad news for charities that rely on website visits for donations.

“When this happens, it’s really detrimental,”  Augenbaum said. “The larger organizations can survive, but a lot of times the smaller organizations, it drives people away.”

So what should owners of websites do to protect themselves and us? Augenbaum told me it’s imperative to check your site frequently and contact your website provider immediately.

More than $5,000 websites displaying similar messages have been hacked over the past year. The FBI told us it’s important for people who run websites to change their passwords and suggests that should be done every 60 days.

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