Paducah People exhibit opens

There are those people we know who continually lend a helping hand, but may not always get the recognition. An art exhibit opening this weekend is aiming to give some appreciation to those unsung heroes.

Artist Teri Moore is being featured at Ruth Baggett’s Gallery in Paducah with her exhibition ‘Paducah People’.

17 drawings hang of people Moore said we all see and can relate to from around Paducah.

“They’re community leaders. They’re just everyday people. Some of them are unsung heroes and some of them are just people we see every day,” Moore said.

Moore first started drawing people and writing a description of them on the side of the drawing in Boston on the subway. She finds it a good conversation starter.

Moore used to live in Paducah for 8 years, and recently moved back. She chose this as her third city to do an exhibit like this.

“There have been a lot of changes. The downtown area is beautiful. It seems the city is thriving and I hope what people get from this is that these people make that happen it doesn’t just happen on its own. We all have to work together, and these are the faces of the people that make Paducah a place where we all love and want to live,” Moore said.

The drawings are from photographs taken in each person’s element. Baggett said the idea’s huge response makes her want to do an exhibit like this every year.

“We put it on Facebook and asked people to nominate people and we got a flood of names,” Baggett said.

She also hopes it’ll help make people more willing to go to art shows.

“An art opening is no different than going clothes shopping. You go in, you look around, see what you like if something speaks to you, you might buy it,” Baggett said.

She’s optimistic these familiar faces will help break that barrier.

“To get people in who normally wouldn’t walk through a gallery, and they’re going through to see people they know and love,” Baggett said.

The exhibit runs at Ruth Baggett’s Gallery downtown until June 9th. All the portraits are for sale. If you’d a drawing of someone else contact Baggett at 270-210-1924.

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