What the Tech: CamCard app

Go to a business meeting or convention, and you’re sure to bring back a stack of business cards. 

You don’t need the card, just the information. You can enter all of that information into your contacts list, but that takes a lot of time. There’s an app that not only makes it easier, but it’s better.

CamCard scanner is a free mobile application that eliminates the tedious task of keeping contacts. 

It works like this: Place the card someone hands you on a desktop or something with a contrasting color. aim your phone’s camera at the card. It will search for and find the edges of the business card, and when it does CamCard will take a snapshot, gathering all of the information you’ll want.

Once that happens, the information is transferred into your phone’s contact list: name, company, email, phone numbers, and Facebook if it’s there.

Open your contacts app, and it’s instantly searchable just like all of your other contacts in your phone. You’ll also notice the word “CamCard” in the contact information. Tap that, and you’ll see the image of the business card you scanned.

CamCard also makes it easy to share your card. Scan it and store it with the app, and you can instantly text someone your business card. Or, if they use an app that scans QR codes, you can share with a quick tap.

A word about accuracy: CamCard is good but not perfect. If the light’s not quite right, or the print is too small or unclear, I found I had to go in and edit the information manually. You know, the way most of us do it now.

If you do use it, give newly scanned cards the once over before tapping “save.”

CamCard has a free app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices that allows you to scan and save up to 200 business cards. The full version of CamCard is $3, and allows you to scan and save more cards.

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