Low numbers for voting volunteers

The deadline to vote in the Kentucky May primary is Tuesday. 

The vote will narrow the field from four Republican gubernatorial candidates, and county clerks expect a low turnout of 10 percent in most counties.

While there’s always a push to get you, the voter, to the voting booth, some counties struggle to get enough volunteers to man the booths. Many times, securing the all-day voting volunteers is a last minute battle.

Al Chandler has volunteered for 10 years as a precinct worker. “I’m able to help the Republican Party in that way. I’m able to help our democratic process in that way,” he says. 

As a Republican in Graves County, Chandler knows he’s in high demand because the supply of registered Republican volunteers in Graves County is anything but a surplus. 

“There’s a great need every election to make sure the poll workers are there,” Chandler says.

Graves County Clerk Barry Kennemore says it has been difficult this voting season to get both sides of the aisle to volunteer. He says state law requires two volunteers from both parties represented at polling precincts. Kennemore says this task is even more difficult because of low voter turnout.

Graves County GOP Chairman Pat Vincent says the party has grown in the county, but historically it has always a fight to fill the spots during voting season. “If you don’t have that many registers republicans period you can have that many republican volunteers,” she says.

This year Chandler is being reassigned from his normal volunteer position because of the deficit, but he says it’s a responsibility he’s happy to bear. 

“It can be frustrating, but I’m more positive that there’s a need to be met and somebody’s got to do it,” Chandler says. 

Kennemore says they do have all the positions filled by the proper parties for tomorrow’s primary, but they do not have enough alternates if someone calls in sick. Kennemore says if someone does call in sick and they need a Democrat to fill in for a Republican, the county fills out and sends the proper paperwork to the state.

Polls will be open tomorrow from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Graves County Precinct change:

Those who used to vote at Cuba Elementary will vote at Cuba Church of Christ.
The Blue Building on North 15th Street will house both Ward 2 Precincts 1 and 2.

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