A Chance For Life: Generating Generosity

Ronnie and Debbie Dupre had hoped their story would spark interest in their community, but they never expected an outpouring of compassion like they’ve received. 

“We’ve spent half the morning crying just at the response from people,” Debbie said. “It’s been awesome.”

The Dupres wanted to shine light on the need for living donors. Ronnie needs a transplant and, because of changes to the distribution rules, he’s been pushed farther down the waiting list.

Today, while he was going through dialysis, Ronnie got a call from a complete stranger wanting to give him a kidney. Debbie took another call. Both people are starting the testing process to find out if they’re a match. 

“It’s amazing,” he said. 

“It means life,” she added. 

Even if Ronnie doesn’t find a match, they’re hoping someone else does. Doctors are capable of performing exchanges or chains, where two donors don’t match their recipients but match each other so the transplants can still happen. 

“When we first pursued this it was primarily not about Ronnie and I. It was just to get public awareness of living kidney donation and, the way its tuned out, the interest out there, is it’s just phenomenal,” she said. 

If you’d like to donate or find out more about living donations, click here

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