Round two for alcohol in Marshall County

For a second time since 2012, Marshall County will likely hold a special election to decide whether to become a wet county. 

A proponent for the measure when it first failed 57 to 43 percent, Randy Newcomb says he is optimistic this time. He said he respects the decision of the general public. 

Newcomb says many times tourist pass through Marshall County, but don’t always stay. Newcomb says he believes they typically go to Paducah or Murray because of alcohol sales.

Keith Travis, who represents Say No Now, says it’s “unfortunate that when the community made their decision the first time, that it didn’t stick for more than three years.” He also added that people in Marshall County have a quality of life and an economy that is not dependent on alcohol.

Newcomb plans to turn in more than 3,500 petitions to the county clerk’s office this week. That’s more than required to call a special election. Newcomb says he hopes the election will be in July. Many of those against the measure are prepared to actively stand against it again.

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