Biking for fun and fitness

Remember when you used to hop on your bike and ride all over the neighborhood? It was great exercise and brought a wonderful feeling of freedom and adventure.

Here’s some incentive to get you bicycling again….Keri Crawford, a physical therapist assistant at WKCTC, who promotes biking for heath, lost 100 pounds bicycling. She says she tried walking and running, but both were too hard on her back.

“Bicycling is no impact,.so if you have knee problems, back problems, you can do it, because it doesn’t hurt. So I was able to lose weight bicycling,” she says.

It took Crawford 18 months to lose the weight, and now she rides for fun, at least 3 times a week.

“It’s exercise….but it’s not…it’s exploring…and adventure.”

And just about anyone can do it. Martha Emmons with BikeWorld in Paducah says she sees people well into their 80’s who come in and buy new bikes.

She says, lucky for us, there are lots of great biking trails in the area where you don’t have to worry about traffic and cars. The Greenway Trail in Paducah runs from the Paducah Riverfront through to Noble and Stuart Nelson Parks. There’s also a 6 mile biking trail in Massac County.

“They did a fantastic job in back of Ft. Massac, and it takes you all the way to Brookport. It’s six miles and a lot of that is in the shade,” says Emmons.

The biggest and best though, is probably the Tunnel Hill Biking Trail which runs from Harrisburg, Illinois, to Tunnel Hill, Vienna and Karnak. It’s 45 scenic miles of what used to be the Eastern Railroad tracks. The ride is mostly in the shade.

Since May is National Bicycling Month, maybe it’s time for you and the family to start enjoying this inexpensive and healthy activity, that also happens to be a lot of fun.

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