I Am Local 6: Cassidy’s Cause, equine therapy

Some may think those with disabilities would hesitate to climb on top of a several hundred pound animal. 

Cassidy’s Cause focuses on equine therapy using horses to help boost self-esteem and coordination. Since 2013, horses at Cassidy’s Cause has been changing the lives of those with disabilities one hoof at a time.

Horse hooves and high fives start the class at Cassidy’s Cause in McCracken County.

“Our riders are able to relate with horses better than they can connect with some people,” Angie Falconite said.

Falconite is one of the co-founders of the program that helps those with disabilities overcome challenges while riding horses.

“They surprise me. They amaze me.The inspire me,” Falconite said.

Cassidy’s Cause is named for a little girl who loved her horse, named Jack. Cassidy died at 9 years old. Jack is celebrating his 25th birthday.

“Cassidy would strike up a conversation, even with an older person. It didn’t matter to her. She would say ‘I’ve got a horse, and his name is Jack.  He is my horse. He is not my mom’s horse. He is my horse,'” a volunteer at the nonprofit told Local 6. 

Rider Marshall Bullock knows the feeling. He brushes and saddles Pistol before their ride around the arena.

“Pistol is the best horse I’ve ever known,” Bullock said.

Riding a horse helps build confidence, improves balance and coordination, and strengthens your core.  So far, Cassidy’s Cause has helped more than 60 riders.

“I just love Pistol. He’s so fun. He’s loving,” said Bullock.

Bullock and his classmates warm up and maneuver their horses through obstacles. For one hour the riders become cowboys on their mighty steeds, and it’s all a part of therapy.

Cassidy’s Cause operates off of donations. If you want to participate in classes or volunteer, you can visit its website

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