New details released in April standoff shooting

Twenty-four days after a shootout left 27-year-old Joshua Green dead and his hostage wounded, State’s Attorney Brandon Zanoti says officers did everything they could to avoid a deadly outcome.

Zanoti says Green, who was a felon, stole the guns he had from a home in Creal Springs, Illinois.

Based on his social media posts, investigators believe Green intended to use those guns to kill the woman with whom he’d become infatuated.

“Before and during the time Green was holding the victim it was established that he was consuming a large amount of alcohol, as well as popping a lot of pills,” Zanoti said.

Over the course of four hours of negotiations, Green asked for food.

When he and the victim came outside, police saw their opportunity to end the standoff.

“A non-lethal bean bag was fired at Green at this time,” Zanoti said. “Despite this, Green continued to reach for his weapon, and then another bean bag was fired at Green. Green then began firing his weapon, and the tactical teams responded.”

The aftermath of the shootout is still evident when looking at the house, and the woman is still recovering.

“The victim was injured by friendly fire from an officer involved in the situation,” Zanoti said. “This officer was acting in the line of duty and trying to save the victim’s life.”

Zanoti says it is unclear who will be responsible for her medical bills, but the five officers involved in firing the shots have been cleared of any wrongdoing.

Marion Police Chief Dawn Tondini says all five officers involved in the shooting returned to work last week after an investigation was completed.

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