Survey shows drivers are doing more than just texting on the road

It may not be illegal to use your phone at a stoplight, but it definitely can be distracting. AT&T released a survey this week showing 7 in 10 drivers are using their phone behind the wheel.

Ben Jiles is driving 16 hours to Colorado. 

“I am excited to get up there, it’s worth it,” Jiles said.

He hopes drivers keep their phone-use to a minimum.

“I’ve seen people text and I’m not going to say I haven’t everybody does at some point, but I try not to. I try to keep an eye on it,” Jiles said.

AT&T surveyed 2,067 people between the ages of 16 and 65 from March 27th to April 6th of this year. The top 4 things people do while driving are text (61%), look at email (33%), surf the web (28%), and check Facebook (27%).

The survey also shows people are taking selfies (17%) and even video chatting (10%) while driving. A big reason for this may be because most people keep their phone in their cup holder (36%).

Kentucky State Police Trooper Jay Thomas suggests putting your phone somewhere else.

“Just put your phone in the glove-box or console. It helps reduce the temptation,” Trooper Thomas said.

Trooper Thomas said texting while driving is one the hardest violations to enforce, unless they have an unmarked car spotting drivers beforehand.

“Typically, it’s a SUV or a pick-up so we’re looking and down and we can actually see them texting. Then we will have a trooper in the area in a marked car that will stop and confront them.

KSP is setting up safety checkpoints over the long weekend to look for distracted driving and any other violations on the road.

“Just make sure the person is a licensed driver, the vehicle has insurance, the person is not impaired, that they’re wearing their seat belts, or any other traffic violation,” Trooper Thomas said.

They’ll be conducting safety traffic checkpoints until Monday at midnight. You can find a link to all their approved safety check points here.

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