Making Paducah a music destination

Paducah’s Maiden Alley Cinema began hosting its Music at the MAC events in 2011, and the nights have become so big that there’s a push to make Paducah a music destination.

A local landmark, Maiden Alley Cinema’s looks like any movie marquee. But lately, its stage is becoming a popular music venue.

Josh Coffey performs at the MAC, but says his job as the cinema’s resident sound technician is even more difficult. He says it’s because the sound mixer is on the stage next to the performers. Many times he’s adjusting the levels as he’s performing. 

“It makes it even more difficult to put on the best show,” Coffey says.

MAC Director Landee Bryant-Greene says that with so many new music bookings, the theater needs a new sound system for performers.

“We try to treat them like gold because we want them to love not only us, but Paducah.” Bryant-Greene says.

Bryant-Greene says a new system would improve the experience for the performer and the audience. She says the current system, “really is kind of ramshackle, the way we have to do it.”

MAC has set a goal is to raise $15,000 in a Kickstarter campaign. There are 38 days left to contribute.

Bryant-Greene says the goal is to install a new sound system before August.

You can click here to visit the campaign page.

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