Cicada invasion largest in 100 years

All four states in our Local 6 area are experiencing the largest emergence of cicadas in 100 years. This 13-year brood is located west of I-65 in the Purchase and Green River Areas.

Crystal Helene goes to Bob Noble Park for peace and quiet. She says she loves going on runs to be with nature. Helene is unfazed by the hum of cicadas. 

“I stepped outside, checked the weather, and I heard this strange sound,” Helene said.

Tom Miller with the Agriculture Extension in Ballard County says the cicadas are only out to mate. 

“The males will crawl up the tree. They’re going to the highest sunlit branches, and they’re going to start singing. And that song is to call all the females around for mating.”

Miller adds that, like many, he will be glad when they are gone. Although the sound is relatively new to Helene, she says she’s okay with them. “They’re a part of nature, and they’ll go away,” she said.

Miller says the cicadas should leave our area in mid-June. In 2016, a 17-year brood will be prevalent in the Body, Greenup, and Lawrence areas of Kentucky.

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