Local women’s shelter in danger of closing

The Lighthouse in Mayfield is a shelter that helps women and children with nowhere else to go; it now has a need of its own. 

Sylvia Whitlow is the interim director. She’s served in many different roles and under several other directors. She told Local 6 they all had different styles, but when focus on fundraising fizzled, their bank account dried up. Board members just recently learned how much trouble they’re actually in. 

It takes about $7,500 a month to operate the basic needs of the shelter. This month they’re still $2,500 shy of being able to pay their bills.

“My fear is if we don’t get some donations in, we might have to close the doors,” Whitlow said. 

Closing the doors means kicking women like Cassandra Puckett and her four kids out. Puckett said she has nowhere but the Lighthouse to live and isn’t ready to be on her own yet. 

“I’m not proud of being here, but I’m proud of how far I’ve come,” Puckett said. Two months ago, Puckett said, she’s was homeless, a victim of abuse, and unsure where she and her kids could escape to. Now, thanks to the people like Whitlow, she believes in herself and will do anything to help the place that’s helped her and so many others. 

“If it weren’t for this house and the people in this community donating, I honestly don’t know where we’d be,” Puckett said. She and other women don’t have many options in western Kentucky so Lighthouse says the community can’t afford to lose the facility they have. 

A new set of board members are promising to take a more active role in fundraising events to make sure the Lighthouse’s glow never goes out. In the meantime, the ladies living inside say they’re not only praying for help, they’re pleading for it. 

“If everybody who sees this would just send $1,” Whitlow said, “$1 could make a difference.”

If you’d like to help, you can send donations to The Lighthouse PO Box 5375, Mayfield, KY, 42066. For a list of other needs, click here

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