PADD ranks highway priorities

We all think the road projects in our area are the most important and should be the highest priority, but we never really know where they fall on the state’s to-do list. Until now.

A group of people from our area has picked the most important projects and ranked the remaining 31. The committee is made up of people from all eight counties in the Jackson Purchase region. 

It’s called the the Purchase Area Development District’s Regional Transportation Committee, and it’s made up of elected officials and other citizens. They looked at public safety, economic development, and tourism to help them decide the ranking. 

Members voted this as the top need. It’s an estimated $19 million project in Calloway County: widening U.S. 641 South from Kentucky 1828 to Clarks River Middle Fork Bridge.

Actually, that stretch of road makes up two of the top three priorities. Ranked third is this stretch of U.S. 641 from the bridge to the Tennessee state line. Widening that three mile stretch from two to four lanes could cost about $24 million. 

The second most important project is in Fulton County and, according to the committee, is a safety issue. It’s the intersection at KY 166 and KY 125, and the project would replace it for about $2.2 million.

Now, just because a project made the list doesn’t mean it’s going to get done. KYTC will present the projects it selects to the general assembly, which gets the ultimate say when it balances the state budget.

A full list of the projects is on this website, at Saw it on 6 in the Big Blue Box.

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