What the Tech: protect your home while you’re away

Vacations are supposed to be worry free, but there are mistakes we make even before we leave home that could have us worrying all week.

Our biggest mistake is probably posting vacation pictures to Facebook. We all know it’s a mistake, but when you’re looking at a great sunset it’s hard not to share.

So, before you leave home, set up a list of people you trust in your list of friends. Click on the “friends” tab. You’ll see the option to add them to a list of “close friends” or create a new list. That’ll put a star by their name.

Continue adding friends to that list. Then, when you add a post or picture, you’ll have the option of posting it only to that list. No one else will be able to see your photo from the beach.

Remember, whatever you post publicly, is visible to anyone —even if they’re not your friend and even if they’re not on Facebook.

If you don’t have a security system in your house, you can use an old device and an app to record your home while you’re away.

Manything is for iPhones, iPods and iPads, any iOS device with a camera. Set it up on the device and the one you have with you and aim it at a door. Whenever the camera senses motion you’ll get a text message, and you can tune in live.

It’ll capture images and upload those to a cloud server. You’ll be able to share anything recorded with police to capture the crook.

On Android phones there’s Salient Eye, which works the same way. You’ll want to make sure your camera device is hooked up to a power source so the battery doesn’t run down.

Both apps are free, but you’ll have to pay for the service. It ranges from $3 to $6 a month or more if you want to use multiple cameras.

Some social media apps, including Twitter and Instagram, will hide your exact GPS location from tweets and posts. It’s a good idea to turn off location services for all social media networks.

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