A father’s motivation to win

Most parents will do anything to help their children. Local parent Dan Otterson wants to prove to his son that anything is possible. 

In about a month, Otterson will try to finish a national fitness challenge in honor of his son, who was born prematurely. It’s called the Death Race: a three day, mentally and physically challenging obstacle course in Vermont.

Otterson says part of being an intense competitor is always working towards the next goal. He says the biggest motivation comes from his 6-month-old son Duke. The child was born three months premature, and Otterson says he never imagined motivation could come from someone so small. 

“It was a struggle for me,” Otterson says about preparing for the course. “And at one point I thought ‘Lets just a table this for now and be there for Duke.'”

His wife, Kayla Otterson, saw the growth her son was making in the hospital, and she pushed her husband to do the same and fight for his family. “It’s an outlet,” Kayla explains. “And that makes me happy, to see him happy, It’s something he’s so passionate about.”

Otterson says when training for an intense race he has to disprove naysayers and doubts of his own in a physical challenge of who can outlast whom. But he says he’s trying to prove at home how anything is possible. He says, 

“It’s motivation for me to have him home, and keep training,” the father said. “And show him from the minute he’s been born he’s been inspiring people…Motivating dad most of all.”

Otterson only has to worry about finishing the race from June 26-28 to win $5,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Only about 40 people finish of the hundreds of competitors. Click here to learn more about the race.

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