New role to be new tool for small businesses

Chances are some of your favorite places to shop and support are small businesses. There are hundreds in the Local 6 area. Now, more help is available for people starting and striving to succeed as local business owners. 

It comes in the form of a small business consultant. 

The position, created by Paducah Economic Development and Paducah’s Chamber of Commerce, will be hired through Murray State’s Business School. 

Scott Darnell, PED president, said the position is specially designed to unique assistance to small businesses.  

“Every business has its own unique needs,” Rob’s Cleaning Company President Nathan Brimmer said. He said small business owners have to be experts at more than their services. 

“When you have a small business you are the salesman, you are the HR rep. you are the accountant. Sometimes, if the toilet need cleaning, you do that too,” Brimmer said. Smart owners know when to ask for help, but sometimes finding the right person to ask is difficult. That’s where the small business consultant should come in. 

Darnell said the primary responsibility will be going door-to-door and talking one-on-one with small business owners. 

“You get the honest truth,” Darnell said. “You get primary data.”

That information will go to help the businesses stabilize and succeed and that, he said, will help draw more business to the area. 

Brimmer said he welcomes the additional resource because sometime parts of small business can get a little blurry, even when the owner’s mission is clear.

“Just work hard and try to always do the best job you can,” Brimmer said. 

Darnell said the new position should be filled soon, and he plans for small businesses to see more of a difference in the next 90 days than they have in years. 

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