Free programs available to cleanup waste before facing fines

Spring cleaning is underway around the area, but how far would you go to get that junk out of your house and yard?

There are several groups that want your trash, including Marshall County Recycling. Organizers there say they take everything from debris to old paint from people living in the county. They also receive plastics, metal, oil, batteries, and tires free of charge.

“It’s astonishing to me that, even though we provide a service here to our community, that we still find items that are left on the roadways,” said John Miller of Marshall County Recycling.

Marshall County isn’t alone in wanting to keep the area clean. Sesser, Illinois, new code enforcement officer starts on June 11.

The city is offering free refuse pickup and even tearing down vacant old homes.

“In my opinion, we have the cleanest town around,” said Mayor Jason Ashmore.

However, over the last year Renee Koleman says she’s noticed a problem around town.

“Garbage, trash, just a lot of stuff accumulating on lawns,” said Koleman. “People aren’t really throwing their waste out.”

After hearing these concerns, Ashmore is giving everyone in town three days to get rid of their junk for free.

“Everybody has extra stuff that they don’t use,” said Ashmore. “We’ve all been guilty of it, and this is the time to get rid of it and keep it out of your yard.”

During the city-wide cleanup you can get rid of anything from carpeting to clothing, even old electronics, and save yourself some clutter now and possibly some cash later.

“This is your chance to get everything cleaned up,” said Ashmore. “After that, the code enforcement officer will have the ability and will take action.”

“Visual pollution can really turn people off on coming to a city,” said Koleman. “I think it’s important for our town to look really great.”

Sesser code violations can cost anywhere from $50 to $500, but can be avoided. 

Crews in Sesser currently can’t take hazardous materials, but they are working with the state to find a place to dispose of them during future cleanups.

For a look at how other counties and cities in our area handle junk cleanup, click here.

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