Local memorial plaza in need of repair

Drivers pass by them every day, and many go unnoticed. More than 40 monuments and memorials are in Paducah and maintained by the city.

Mark Thompson, director of the Paducah Parks Services Department, told Local 6 the fountain in Dolly McNutt Plaza is causing the most problems. The 45-year-old fountain has aged and over time has stopped running as smoothly as it once did.

“Galvanized steel and chemicals weren’t always made for each other,” he said. 

Thompson says, technically, Noble Park Pool is historic. The difference is it’s been renovated and updated. The same kind of work would be difficult and costly in the plaza. 

“We can’t just readily go in and replace the galvanized steel pipes that run underneath it because we’d have to cut it all up and break up the concrete and stuff like that,” he said. 

There are no plans or cost estimates because the City Hall project may impact it. One of the options is building a new building on half of the plaza. Thompson said the renovation is in the capital projects, but mostly as a place-holder, so no one forgets something will need to be decided about the fountain soon. 

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