Waste disposal information in our area

Local 6 has compiled a list of city and county waste disposal information for Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee. and Missouri.


Ballard County – Jim Williams, Solid Waste Coordinator 270-335-3824

-Limb pickup requires the county to obtain a permit in order to handle the limbs; currently, the county does not have this permit.
– Electronics (except televisions) and furniture can be taken to the Ballard County Recycle and Convenience Center.
-The cost to use the center is $2.75 per pound.

Caldwell County – Lynn Williams, Solid Waste Coordinator 270-365-5199

-A recycle center can be utilized by residents of the whole county to drop off electronics, appliances, metal, paper, cardboard for free.|
-Currently, the county can accept hazardous waste material through a grant that was obtained from the state.

Calloway County /Murray – Philip Morris, Supervisor of Murray/Calloway County Transfer Station (270) – 762 – 0380

-The transfer station is maintained by the City of Murray and can be used by residents of Calloway County. Items not accepted at the transfer station include: whole tires, batteries, liquids (paint, chemicals, etc.), air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and hazardous waste. The cost to use the station is $45.75 per ton.
-The City of Murray also has “Make a Difference Day” at Roy Stewart Stadium on the campus of Murray State University. This event is held four to five times a year and you can drop off plastic, cardboard, paper, cell phones, clothes, plastic containers, magazines, cans and used motor oil. A full list of items can be found here. Hazardous waste material can only be taken to ‘“Make a Difference Day,” when the event has the appropriate organization on site to handle the waste. Out of town guests are welcomed to take items to “Make a Difference Day.”

Carlisle County – Josh Glover, Solid Waste Coordinator 270-628-5244

-In the spring and fall, the county places out dumpsters for residents to drop off items.
-Limbs can be burned in the county.
-You can drop off “white goods” (washers, dryers, etc.) at the county road department.

Crittenden County – 270-965-5251

-A convenience center is located in the county where residents can bring electronics which will be recycled
-The county offers a drop-off site for tree limbs
-The county offers a spring cleaning and fall cleaning day, where the county will pick up furniture, appliances, anything that is not “everyday” trash. You can also bring in tires on the fall and spring cleanup days

-Trash pickup will always accept dried up paint

Fulton County -Tom Hodges, Solid Waste Coordinator 270-236-2594

-Twice a year during the spring and fall the county provides waste collection services for hazardous waste, yard waste, and other items that cannot be picked up by the garbage company.
-Until this time, individuals are unable to dispose of these specific items.

Graves County – Codie Courtney, Solid Waste Coordinator 270-247-3626

-Residents can utilize West Kentucky landfill located in the county.
-No hazardous waste is accepted but residents can drop off furniture, washers, dryers, and brush to the facility.
-There is a $25 minimum charge and $32 per ton charge.
-Paint cans are accepted as long they have been dried up with sand or cat litter.

Livingston County – Stephanie Smith, Solid Waste Coordinator 270-928-2105

-Residents can take appliances/furniture to the county landfill; various rates depending on the material brought

Lyon County – Wade White, Judge Executive 270-388-7311

-The county has a convenience center where residents can take trash and other common recyclable items.
-A pavilion called, “Don’t trash it, donate it” is located at the convenience center where residents can leave usable furniture and others can pick up for free for their own use.
-Recently won a grant and will be accepting hazardous waste for proper disposal soon.

Marshall County – More information can be found here.

McCracken County – Republic Services Transfer Station, 270-575-3805

– Residents can take waste including furniture and building materials to the Republic Services Transfer Station. The station cannot accept hazardous waste material.
– Rates are $35 up to 1,000 pounds.
– For more information on waste disposal in Paducah, please click here.


Cape Girardeau – Stan Polivick- Assistant Public Works Director 573-339-6300. 

-Yard waste is collected after large storms and the city provides an area for individuals to take their yard waste where it will be turned into mulch.
-When the city is able to obtain a grant, they provide a program for citizens to bring their hazardous waste for free. They have not been able to get this grant for a couple of years.

Mississippi County, – 573-683-2146

-It is up to the individual to dispose of their hazardous/unconventional trash such as car batteries, paint, or tree limbs.
-The landfill in Bloomfield is available to take your waste.

New Madrid County –  Karen Chapman – City Clerk 573-748-2866.

-Tree limbs and other yard waste is collected in April.

Scott County – 573-545-3549

-Each city has trash pick-up once in the spring.

Oran City – Marsha Roslen 573-262-2446

-Individual’s yard waste is to be burned.
-There is a city-wide clean-up day where you can bring your trash to the city shed with no charge if you are a resident of Oran City.


Lake County – 731-253-7382, county clerk’s office.

-John Neal, head of Solid Waste Department, can be reached at 731-442-1664.
-Individuals are free to burn their yard waste (limbs, leaves etc.) or they can bring them to the ECM landfill in Ridgely, TN to be disposed of.
-It costs $36/ton to drop off your trash at the ECM landfill. The landfill also accepts hazardous waste such as batteries, paint, and CRT televisions.
-They are able to accommodate these items because they are equipped with mats to prevent hazardous materials from leaking into the ground.

Obion County – 731-885-8109, Travis Alexander- Solid Waste Director.

-There is no trash pick-up for individuals, but they county will pick up trash for large companies and schools.
-Individuals may take their yard waste to the landfill and they will be charged by the weight.
-Auto/lawn batteries can be sold to metal buyers.

Weakley County – 731-364-6798, website

-Weakley county offers disposal of washers, dryers, stoves, auto/lawn batteries, and other large appliances.
-Appliances with Freon must have a receipt indicating proper disposal of the Freon, or the owner can pay a $10 fee for disposal on site.
-Bagged garbage is $1 a bad to dispose of, and $15 to drop off or pick up a truck load of trash.
-The landfill will also accept up to 5 gallons of used motor oil per person. The motor oil must be in a container. Waste tires are also accepted. The individual must make an appointment in order to drop off the tires. In order to make the appointment you must contact the Convenience Center.


Alexander County – 618-734-7000

-For limbs and other green vegetation such as leaves, grass, etc. the city picks up for the residents and transports to a burn site.
-For trash such as electronics, batteries, furniture, and paint you must take to the landfill in Carbondale.

Hardin County – 618-287-2251

-For electronics there is a recycling bin for the public in the city, but no other programs for unconventional trash.
-For limbs and things of that nature, residents outside of the city can burn on their own.

Jackson County, IL – 618-687-7366

-There are multiple programs in place to assist residents.
-There is a year-round electronic recycling program. Once a year they collect household hazardous waste.
-They have a program that collects compact fluorescent bulbs where residents can drop them off at the health center.
-They also collect rechargeable batteries.
– All programs are paid for by a private landfill.
-There is no program for limb/vegetation pickup.
-The city of Carbondale has a service called Refuse and Recycling. This website lists all services provided and what trash is allowed for pickup.

Johnson County – 618-658-3611

-Outside of the city, residents are to take care of their own trash via private trash pickup companies.
-In the city, there is a spring cleaning day once a year where practically any type of trash is picked up from residents.
-Republic Services picks up limbs from residents.

Massac County – 618-524-5213

-No program for electronic waste.
-Limbs and things of that nature are picked up weekly from residents if placed on the curb.
-They had a recycling bin for public use, but got rid of it due to misuse by the public.

Pope County – 618-683-3341

-There is a spring cleanup day and a fall cleanup day every year.
-The city also picks up brush and limbs within the city to take to a burn site that is monitored for safety.
-Most trash is taken by residents in either Marion or Carbondale.
-Jim Suits, City Clerk for the city of Golconda, also does a service on his own for residents outside of the city. He has five bins where residents can bring their trash in for $15 a month.

Pulaski County, – 618-748-9360

-All trash issues are referred to Electronic Waste Recycling Company or independent trash services for all residents.

Saline – 618-253-8197

-No recycling programs in place. Independent trash services for all residents.

Williamson County – 618-998-2110, Jim Marlo – County Commissioner

-There is no county-wide pick up program. Electronics can be taken to Jackson County, but there are some issues because of the different types of electronics having an up-charge like CRT televisions because the lead used in the screens is considered to be hazardous waste. Marion, IL has an area for individuals to take their yard waste.
-Republic Service has a transfer station in Marion, call 618-993-8029 for more information.


-Local 6 has reached out to Union County, IL., Cape Girardeau County, MO., and Hickman County, KY., but has not heard back at this time. 

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