What the Tech: managing photos

There are several choices of where to store and organize our photos. I’m going to look at four of the best choices: Flickr, Google Photos, Dropbox, and now Lyve.

What’s the difference, and which is the best?

Google Photos is the newest. It will keep an unlimited number of photos somewhere in the cloud. In other words, the photos are stored somewhere other than our computer or smart phone.

Google Photos not only saves every photo we take with our smart phone, it organizes the pictures by date and by location. It’ll decipher who’s who, what’s what, and where’s where.

Search for a person, place or thing, and you’ll see them all. I searched for Miranda, and google photos dug up this interview from 2014. I don’t know how it figured that out, but it did.

Flickr has been around for a very long time. It works similar to google. You can automatically upload photos from your phone and share them with other people. It isn’t unlimited storage, but you do get one terabyte, which is just as good for most of us.

Unlike Google Photos that weeds out duplicates, Flickr does not. The photos can be shared easily and downloaded to any computer. The app is good, but not as good as google photos. When I searched for Miranda, flickr didn’t find anything in my photos.

Dropbox has some limitations as well. It has three-plus gigabytes of storage for free and can be set up to upload photos we take automatically. The Carousel app is how Dropbox displays the photos on our phone. The free app organizes the photos pretty well. Like the others, instead of displaying photos, it stores them so you can delete them from your mobile device.

The app is clean and easy to navigate – not as great as google photos – and there is no smart search.

Lyve is a new app. It doesn’t store the photos though, just organizes them. The Lyve app searches your computer, and if you have a Seagate portable hard drive the app will search for, find, and move all of your photos to a file within the hard drive as a backup.

Using the Lyve app, you can access the photos from any computer or smart device. Again, though, it doesn’t store your photos for safe-keeping. You have to do that on your computer hard drive.

Lyve just organizes and displays the photos, unless you buy a Lyve device or connect to a Seagate hard drive for safe-keeping.

The point is, there are plenty of choices to organize, manage, share and save the photos from your smart phone but, in using them all, I’d have to say Lyve is best for organization but the best of the best, hands down, is Google Photos.

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