Reidland woman pleads guilty to 196 counts of animal cruelty

54-year-old Deborah Luken will not be facing any jail time for the 196 animal cruelty charges she pleaded guilty to on Thursday.

In March, almost 200 animals were seized from her home on Merrydale Drive.

Rabbits, dogs, exotic birds, ducks, chinchillas, and rats were taken.

As part of her plea deal, she was ordered to pay $3,441 in restitution and will be placed on probation for two years.

During those two years, she cannot have more than one animal.

To comply with the court order she has forfeited all but one of her animals.

Animal control has also been given permission to check in on her as needed to see if she is complying with the court order.

After that two year period, she can have more than one pet.

She will also have to take a mental health assessment.

The Director of the McCracken County Animal Shelter says once the paper work is filed on the animals, they will be available for adoption. Many of them will go to fosters who have been taking care of the dogs. The rest will be available to the public either at the shelter or at upcoming fairs. 

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