Man missing from personal care facility found, doing well

After 9 hours of searching, 81-year-old James Thompson was found just 300 yards from the Autumn Ridge personal care facility in Graves County. He has suffered from dementia for more than six years.

Employees last saw Thompson during a routine room check at 3 a.m. At 4:05 a.m., facility administrator Tina Page was called and notified that he’d gone missing.

“He didn’t sneak out. I mean, they’re allowed to come in, and we do our room checks just so we know they’re not hurt or that they’re not missing,” Page said.

This is not an ordinary elderly care facility. It’s a personal care facility. “It’s not a lockdown facility where they can lock people in, and basically people are free to come and go as they please,” Graves County Sheriff Dewayne Redmon said. 

Redmon said a couple of people had gone missing from there before, but never Thompson. 

The family, along with the facility’s staff, were happy to see Thompson’s face when he was found. “He’s a real nice man and we just love him to pieces,” Page said.

Page said she’s not sure about a policy change in the future. The family would not comment on whether Thompson will remain at Autumn Ridge.

Thompson was taken to Jackson-Purchase Medical Center and reported to be doing well, but dehydrated and bruised a little.

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