String of robberies inspire safer habits

The Calloway County Sheriff’s Office worked with the Murray Police Department on a string of wallet and purse robberies that happened in the victims’ driveways. Witnesses identified two men thought to be connected with the crimes.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Dave L. Jackson and Jeffie G. Simmons Jr. in connection with the robberies dating back to last month. They’re accused of targeting people shopping at grocery stores and gas stations and following them home. Police say they would even offer to carry groceries inside before taking the wallets.

These crimes can happen in small towns, but police say it’s maybe what you’re not doing that’s making you a victim.

Marshall Watson hits his target in disc golf, but makes sure he’s no one else’s target. He says by following the adage “power in numbers,” he keeps his friends and himself safer.

“That always help,s having some extra set of eyes around you,” Watson says

But police say you should also be wary of your resources, like mirrors. Keys can be used as impromptu weapons, and even your car alarm on your key fob can save you some seconds.

Murray Police Detective Mike Robinson says anyone can look like a victim, even at  home.

“When you get home in the comfort of your home and in your yard you don’t think anything will harm you,” Robinson says. He says if you feel threatened don’t follow your normal route home, drive to a well-lit area, and pay attention to instinct. He says too many times people ignore feelings that clue them into something that’s wrong.

Robinson says your lawn and landscape may also be making you a victim. Overgrown bushes and trees are good spots for criminals to hide, sneak up, and watch you while you’re a home.

If you have a garage, close it before you get out of your car. Even keeping a light on inside can really help with security.

The Calloway County Sheriffs Office and Murray Police Department are still looking for information. If you know anything about the robberies you’re encouraged to call them.

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