Survivor shares her story on National Cancer Survivor Day

Approximately to 39.6% of people will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime, based on 2010-2012 date on On June 7th, 14.5 million people are celebrating surviving cancer on National Cancer Survivors Day, according to the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Treatment & Survivorship Facts & Figures 2014 – 2015.

The West Kentucky Oncology Nursing Society, Baptist Health Paducah Palliative Care Fund, and the Your Fight Fund hosted the survivors day from 2 to 4 Sunday.They had food, music, and crafts. 

Sherry Burnett had a star shaped tumor removed in March from her brain and is still undergoing chemotherapy. She said any event to spark conversation about cancer is important.

“It brings cancer to the forefront. It’s awful, you know? It’s terrible. I hate the disease. So many family members lost to it in my family. So, you know, anything that brings it to the forefront,” Burnett said.

On March 3rd, Burnett was diagnosed with Glioblastoma on March 6th she said surgery that took out her tumor. She said her bright hats and colorful outfits are what made radiation a little better.

“You know, as a nurse you try to cheer people on you know, and I’m not the only cancer patient. Cancer does not happen to just the cancer patient,” Burnett said.

Her biggest advice is to see a doctor if you feel or see anything strange.

“Do not ignore it, because I ignored it way too long, way too long,” Burnett said.

She’s beating brain cancer now, but it could come back. Burnett said the average lifespan for her diagnosis is 15 months, so she’s focusing on making a lasting impact.

“I have 7 grandchildren and I love every one of them and that’s long term for me if I can go five years I consider myself blessed,” Burnett said.

This is the 28th annual National Cancer Survivors Day. It’s a worldwide event to show there is life after a cancer diagnosis and it’s something to celebrate.

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