Kids keeping busy by tumbling through summer

Summer is here! Sometimes it can be a struggle to keep kids active and healthy during the summer months.  We continue with our month long commitment to share ways you can get your kid up, moving and entertained while classes are out.

Last week we told you about some apps that not only keep your kids learning, but can help you monitor exactly what they are doing online.

Mychaela Bruner gets away from all the screens and gets us a little more active on the gymnastics mat.

It is one of the most challenging sports requiring skill, concentration, strength, and perseverance.

Katie O’Neill spends several days a week at gymnastics.
“On beam I’m working on handstands and cartwheels, on vault I’m working on front handsprings and on floor I’m doing tucks,” said O’Neill.
Through discipline and training, gymnasts learn a variety of skills.

“I like the longer days better than the shorter days. At gymnastics, it’s where I don’t get bored, and it’s where I do more stuff than I can do at home,” said O’Neill.

Coach Jessie Lopez teaches the basic athletic fundamental skills.

“Now a days we want our kids more active, they seem to be spending more time watching TV, gymnastics is the best fundamental activity you could provide for your kid, to increase motivation, coordination, midline training which connects muscles to brain response,” said Lopez.

Promoting fitness during the summer months and helping kids overcome fears.

“It’s a really rewarding program, these girls are performing at a high level, everyone knows when they see a performance, they know it’s a PGA girl,” said Lopez.

A rewarding activity for every kid at any age.

Paducah Gymnastics Academy is located inside the Paducah Regional Sports Plex also known as the PLEX.  That is near the McCracken County High School.

If you are thinking about enrolling your kids in a program, now is the perfect time.  Coach Lopez said they are running great specials that are affordable for your family.     

“If you bring one person with you, we will offer you at $25 discount on your tuition for the summer time. We also offer a two class discount that provides an extra $35 discount for a person that is diving into their skills and wants to take two classes at once,” said Lopez.

Gymnastics incorporates strength, flexibility, speed, balance and so many other benefits. If you want to get your child involved and you’d like more information about PGA, click here.

You can also call Amy Lopez at (270) 705-1742.

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